Uranium Small Cap Stocks to Watch as Demand Rises

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With analysts predicting uranium will outperform other energy commodities in 2016 it may be time to take a closer look at some uranium stocks to watch in the coming months. As governments start embracing nuclear power again as the Japanese Fukushima disaster fades from memory, along with the recent Paris climate summit, uranium is on the radar again.

As news that China plans on constructing between six to eight nuclear power plants every year through 2021, all uranium oversupply worries and global economic growth concerns have been crossed off any equations.

With uranium demand looking brighter one small cap stock to watch would be Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE). URRE acquires and develops uranium mining properties using the “in-situ recovery” or ISR solution mining process. Uranium Mining owns developed and undeveloped properties in Texas and New Mexico with two licensed ISR processing facilities in Texas. Other properties and holdings can be found on the URRE website. URRE stock is currently at $0.49 a share with a 52-week range of $.035 to $1.98 a share.

Other uranium small cap stocks to watch would be UR-Energy Inc. (URG), Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) and UEX Corp. (UEX.TO). All these stocks are hovering just above 52-week lows.

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Levon Resources Ltd. (LVNVF) Acquisition Stock Alert

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What does a precious metal mining company do when extraction costs exceed current market prices? They invest in biotech of course.

If you think this sounds crazy, you would be right. But there are always exceptions and in some cases, the potential for some nice profits.

First, Levon Resources Ltd. holds a 100% stake in a 49,000 acre project in Mexico with a current market value in recoverable Gold and Silver worth $9 billion. The estimated cost to mine the 488 million ounces of silver and 1.3 million ounces of gold will cost over $11 billion. So while LVNVF waits for a market turnaround, which will inevitably happen sooner or later, they decided to invest in biotech.

But the investment was a shrewd one. They bought ownership in a private company, SciVac, Ltd., with a commercial stage hepatitis B vaccine called Sci-B-Vac which is currently on the market in Israel and 10 other countries.

Interestingly, according to this press release, anyone holding shares in Levon Resources, Ltd. on April 24, 2015 will be granted shares of Sci-Vac, Ltd. on a 1 to 1 basis. Basically, very soon, LVNVF shareholders will have a stake in a best-in-class vaccine with a potential market value in the billions while waiting for a precious metal price turnaround.

From the press release:

“I am excited to announce this transaction with SciVac, as I believe it will generate tremendous value for Levon shareholders,” stated Ron Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer of Levon. “In a difficult market for resource issuers, we have chosen to preserve capital while seeking to identify alternatives to create shareholder value. The acquisition of SciVac gives Levon ownership of Sci-B-Vac(tm), a commercial stage, potentially best in class hepatitis B vaccine which could address a significant market opportunity. Levon shareholders will also maintain an interest in Levon’s existing business and assets by receiving shares of a newly formed company which will hold Levon’s existing resource assets.”

For complete details you need to check out this Levon Resources press release. Currently Levon Resources Ltd. (LVNVF) stock is at $0.40 a share just below a 52-week high of $0.49. Volume has been mixed but has seen spikes of over 1 million share trading days in the last month.

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Calissio Resources Group, Inc. (CRGP) Day-Trader Promotion Alert

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Recent news from Calissio Resources Group, Inc (CRGP) is quickly spreading across the penny stock universe via a stock promotion putting CRGP firmly on the TKO radar.

Calissio Resources Group announced in an April 29, 2015 press release that they produced 645,000 pounds of copper from two mining operations at La Jovita and San Pedro in Mexico. CRGP President and CEO Adam Carter announced the copper mining production for the Q1 2015 was a record setter saying…

It has been another successful fiscal quarter for the Company, setting records for both production and revenues. Obviously it’s a great way to kick off the year, as we scale up production at the San Pedro Mine. We expect to be at full production at San Pedro shortly, and work continues to progress on schedule at La Jovita, so we expect our continued aggressive growth throughout 2015.

According to this press release, Calissio Resources Group, Inc. (CRGP) will report net revenue for Q1 of $2.3 million on gross revenues of $5 million to OTC Markets in the coming weeks. Currently, CRGP is selling at $0.07 a share.

Northern Graphite Corporation (NGPHF) Stock Watch

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A very short press release from Northern Graphite Corp. (NGPHF) explained they have no idea why their stock recently experienced a price increase. Northern Graphite stock jumped from about $.70 a share to a high of nearly $1.20 in 7 days.

This modest gain certainly isn’t jaw-dropping compared to the ridiculous 24,000% gain experienced by CYNK recently… but let’s get back to the Northern Graphite story.

The TSX Venture Exchange and IIROC Market Surveillance board needed an explanation for the spike. Northern Graphite replied it is unaware of any corporate development that would adversely affect the stock price.

Here at TKO we know the reason. In fact, for anyone covering newsletter teaser promotions the answer is fairly obvious. It turns out the stock has been teased as the next big thing in the graphite market. Supposedly, according to the newsletter teaser, NGPHF is in line to take advantage of the coming lithium battery “gigafactory” from Tesla Motors (TSLA). As exhaustively explained in the newsletter sales pitch, graphite is an integral component of lithium batteries. Rumored deals, which were confirmed here, about a partnership between Tesla and Panasonic to construct the GigaFactory could have helped spark the gains too.

Anyway, as the news leaked out that NGPHF is the “graphite company” that could soar when the GigaFactory starts production got the wheels in motion for the “unusual” gains. Of course, this is just our humble opinion.

Here at TKO we have reported previously on several graphite companies that may benefit from rising graphite demand.

Currently, Northern Graphite is trading at $1.00 per share and one wonders if it isn’t long before it settles back down to recent lows. Stay tuned TKO’ers!


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China ShouGuan Mining Corp. (CHSO) Stock Alert

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For gold bugs out there interested in a gold mine value investment then China ShouGuan Mining (OTCQB: CHSO) should be on your radar.

According to their CHSO Investor Presentation the company acquires or leases mines with proven gold and mineral rich confirmed resources. CHSO then uses state-of-the-art technologies to confirm values and cost-effectively expand mining operations.

China Shougan Mining has over 6,000 acres of gold mine property and exploration rights to a whopping 20 million more acres. CHSO concentrates efforts in the Shandong and HeiLongJiang Provinces that account for over 25% of China’s gold reserves.

Even better, their recent expansion into the HeiLongJiang Province opens the door for additional mining assets that include silver, copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum. With China’s construction boom in full force this means they need steel, and molybdenum could be a cash cow as the current value is set at $20,000 per ton by the London Metal Exchange.

With a solid management team and current mining operation revenue, including the backing of key Hong Kong and USA investment backers, China Shougan Mining (CHSO) has a goal of being NASDAQ listed by 2015. CHSO is definitely a penny stock mining company to take a closer look at.