With analysts predicting uranium will outperform other energy commodities in 2016 it may be time to take a closer look at some uranium stocks to watch in the coming months. As governments start embracing nuclear power again as the Japanese Fukushima disaster fades from memory, along with the recent Paris climate summit, uranium is on the radar again.

As news that China plans on constructing between six to eight nuclear power plants every year through 2021, all uranium oversupply worries and global economic growth concerns have been crossed off any equations.

With uranium demand looking brighter one small cap stock to watch would be Uranium Resources, Inc. (URRE). URRE acquires and develops uranium mining properties using the “in-situ recovery” or ISR solution mining process. Uranium Mining owns developed and undeveloped properties in Texas and New Mexico with two licensed ISR processing facilities in Texas. Other properties and holdings can be found on the URRE website. URRE stock is currently at $0.49 a share with a 52-week range of $.035 to $1.98 a share.

Other uranium small cap stocks to watch would be UR-Energy Inc. (URG), Uranium Energy Corp. (UEC) and UEX Corp. (UEX.TO). All these stocks are hovering just above 52-week lows.

Stay tuned TKO’ers and have a great New Year!