Recent news from Calissio Resources Group, Inc (CRGP) is quickly spreading across the penny stock universe via a stock promotion putting CRGP firmly on the TKO radar.

Calissio Resources Group announced in an April 29, 2015 press release that they produced 645,000 pounds of copper from two mining operations at La Jovita and San Pedro in Mexico. CRGP President and CEO Adam Carter announced the copper mining production for the Q1 2015 was a record setter saying…

It has been another successful fiscal quarter for the Company, setting records for both production and revenues. Obviously it’s a great way to kick off the year, as we scale up production at the San Pedro Mine. We expect to be at full production at San Pedro shortly, and work continues to progress on schedule at La Jovita, so we expect our continued aggressive growth throughout 2015.

According to this press release, Calissio Resources Group, Inc. (CRGP) will report net revenue for Q1 of $2.3 million on gross revenues of $5 million to OTC Markets in the coming weeks. Currently, CRGP is selling at $0.07 a share.