Recent developments have put media holding company InCapta, Inc. (INCT) on the radar. John Fleming, CEO of InCapta, Inc. announced in February the company signed a technology master services agreement with xTV (ASX: XTV). Then today, the company announced the launch of 5 new game apps by its subsidiary Stimulating Software.

In February, Mr. Fleming explained he is looking forward to “building InCapta’s next generation of mobile applications and integrating xTV’s CloudTV platform into our content offering.” He added, “… we plan on developing a series of InCapta branded apps incorporating xTV networks into mobile apps for a variety of content sectors to include talk shows, news programs and other diverse media and entertainment sectors. It’s going to be an exciting year for us.”

According to CEO, John Fleming, all of these recent news developments are part of the InCapta, Inc. (INCT) business model roll-out. Currently the company has three subsidiaries. Stimulating Software, LLC is a mobile app and back-end developer with an existing game library of more than 900 apps for re-purposing. The other subsidiaries include Inner Four, Inc., a mobile platform integration provider, and Play Celebrity Games, Inc., a customized mobile app developer for celebrities, brands, events and entertainment venues.

Mr. Fleming said he is looking forward to reporting the company’s growth in 2016 saying, “We are pleased with the roll out of the business model for the Company so far this year and I look forward to reporting our growth. The programmers of Stimulating Software develop apps for all three of the InCapta’s subsidiaries and are on track for meeting the Company’s planned growth.”

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