For gold bugs out there interested in a gold mine value investment then China ShouGuan Mining (OTCQB: CHSO) should be on your radar.

According to their CHSO Investor Presentation the company acquires or leases mines with proven gold and mineral rich confirmed resources. CHSO then uses state-of-the-art technologies to confirm values and cost-effectively expand mining operations.

China Shougan Mining has over 6,000 acres of gold mine property and exploration rights to a whopping 20 million more acres. CHSO concentrates efforts in the Shandong and HeiLongJiang Provinces that account for over 25% of China’s gold reserves.

Even better, their recent expansion into the HeiLongJiang Province opens the door for additional mining assets that include silver, copper, lead, zinc and molybdenum. With China’s construction boom in full force this means they need steel, and molybdenum could be a cash cow as the current value is set at $20,000 per ton by the London Metal Exchange.

With a solid management team and current mining operation revenue, including the backing of key Hong Kong and USA investment backers, China Shougan Mining (CHSO) has a goal of being NASDAQ listed by 2015. CHSO is definitely a penny stock mining company to take a closer look at.