Thank you for your interest in the TKO Stock Promotion and Investor Relation Services. It is our mission to provide affordable services for companies and institutional investors alike.

How We Can Help

In a nutshell, we provide you access to a digital communications network reaching global markets of serious investment firms and individual investors. When you bring us on board we go the extra mile to give your company a widespread positive presence to increase awareness, stability and growth.

Research Your Market Cares About

What do investors want to hear? This is the question we answer through our research. We dig deep into your company and pull out the “golden nuggets” we can use to attract a wider range of prospective investors.

Creating Brand Awareness

The most successful promotions online create a viral “buzz” that spreads quickly. This builds strong brand recognition. Our proactive approach produces “unique” content that is more likely to be shared. We broadcast these messages across our network of web properties so they can then be easily shared and spread virally on social networks like Twitter,  Facebook, Digg and Reddit.

Cost-Effective Campaigns

We strive to get your company to “stand out” from the crowd. When this is accomplished, you set yourself apart from the cookie-cutter press releases, boiler-plate email blasts and hyped-up claims that have become largely ignored, vastly forgotten and quickly deleted.

Listen; we go the extra mile to insure a successful project. You get our full attention, resources and creativity. Another important thing to consider is how we keep our web network actively engaged including…

  • Alerts, reports and news to our double opt-in newsletter subscription database
  • Real-time stock alerts based on market performance
  • Investor Relation services for emerging growth companies
  • Regular company profiles and breaking news for current and potential investors

As a TKO Stocks Client you can expect an ongoing conversation with our subscribers and investors about your company. Of course, the positive effects for you include…

  • An increase in market capitalization and the shareholder base
  • Continued exposure on our wide network of web properties
  • The positive effect of increased liquidity and trade volume

As you can see, we cover all the bases for you. You get a full, comprehensive campaign you can count on to deliver positive results long after the promotion actually wraps up.

Limited Number Of Clients

To increase the probability of success a campaign SHOULD NEVER be put together hastily. This is why we limit the number of promotions we do every month. We always work with clients weeks in advance of pre-launch and launch. Bottom line? This provides you with the absolute best results!